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Our Core values

Discovering the genius within

The School aims to promote independent thinking with special emphasis on character building. The curriculum is child centric and an interesting blend of the modern creativity and the traditional values to help the students discover their own creativity genius within . The students are encouraged to inculcate a lifelong love of enquiry and learning.

Value based education

Endeavour Global School believes in the oneness of the spirit and encourages students to have a global outlook even whilst following regional traditions and culture. The ancient philosophy of – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam“, an understanding that the world is one family is the school ethos. Pastoral care is an important part of the curriculum and the students are taught to value differences and accept each other’s individuality.

Welcome to Endeavour Global School

Our belief is that every scholar is unique and we must look to find and develop the talents of each scholar entrusted to our charge.

Endeavour Global School

Creative learning environment

A happy child is a learning child. Classrooms are spacious and with a teacher student ratio of 1:20. Thought provoking lesson plans, digitally aided methods of instruction and the latest multimedia contents makes learning fun for the students.

Dedicated Faculty

The strength of a school lies in its Faculty. The faculty in Endeavour Global School has to pass a strict testing system evolved by the Board of Governors. The staff are well qualified, experienced and with a dedicated commitment to teach young minds.

Honing Talents

A wide range of activities from music to magic, drama to debates, sports, extra-curricular activities to hobbies  all form an important part of the curriculum.



Safety and Security

Separate restrooms, all female attendants and security guards, CCTV cameras, fire exits, non-toxic furniture. All add on to safety & security shield of the students.

"Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself". -John Dewey

Best Upcoming School in Siliguri 2018

Endeavour Global School is a temple of learning located at the heart of Siliguri Town at Tea Auction Road Mallaguri.

Best Learning Environment

Provides a stimulating, friendly and happy environment.

Digital Learning

Digitally aided teaching learning methodology.

System integral education

Child friendly environment that emphasizes the unity of all knowledge.

Non-toxic Furniture

Classrooms are equipped with the latest multimedia and non-toxic furniture.

Nandita-Gurung Endeavour Global School

Mrs. Nandita Gurung, Headmistress Endeavour Global School

News & Announcement

Only 20 students per class

Well balanced teacher: student ratio is 1:20, for maximum care.

The gymkhana half

World class playground with swimming & splash pool, skating rink and
synthetic turf field.

Specialized infrastructure

The school has special studios for art and craft, dance and music.

“Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself”. -John Dewey

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